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Telosan's goal is to make the overall sales experience - for both the partner and the customer as simple and painless as possible. We understand purchasing or selling communications services can be difficult. Telosan will help free up time by taking on these responsibilities.

Telosan was built by telecommunications industry professionals who were looking for a way to streamline the process of choosing the right internet or voice provider through an established and fully vetted network of trusted advisers and suppliers.

We have established strategic partnerships with 100+ service providers and distributors who operate globally. By working with Telosan instead of a manufacturer or carrier, you'll get a neutral, highly invested parter who will:

  • Learn your business structure and IT goals up front

  • Determine the optimal solution for your business

  • Negotiate prices & contracts

  • Implement and support the selected solution



Telosan donates a percentage of all profits to the American Cancer Society. 


Our team has personally been affected by team members and loved ones who have battled with cancer. We are dedicated to providing support to this great cause who provides volunteers and donates millions of dollars towards cancer research around the world.

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